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[Media] News coverage of “Hong Kong: 20 Years After” and associated events

April 27, 2017

Links to media coverage of the symposium on "Hong Kong: 20 Years After" and associated events.

[Media] HKSI Associate Dr. David Ley retires after 45 years at UBC

April 21, 2017

"For more than 40 years, geographer David Ley has studied the Vancouver housing market, giving him a priceless academic perspective on the city’s struggle with now-epic unaffordability."

[CFP] Hong Kong Keywords: A Workshop (24 June 2017)

April 20, 2017

Initiated for postgraduate students, a single day bilingual workshop on "Keywords: Rethinking Hong Kong Cultures" will be held at the University of Hong Kong. Each participant will present his/her selected keyword related to Hong Kong cultures in Cantonese and/or English. **Abstract due: 15 May 2017**

[Publications] The “National Question” and the Stories of Hong Kong—by Leo K. Shin

April 13, 2017

Recent debates concerning whether the people of Hong Kong constitute a “nation” or man zuk (Mandarin: min zu) have injected much heat and passion to the on-going political struggles in the former British colony. Yet, even among the political and intellectual elites, few in the territory have embraced the notion of a “Hong Kong nation.” The reasons for this are many. One has to do with the ambiguities and tensions embedded in the notion of man zuk. Another has to do with the primary identification by many in the territory with the “Chinese nation.” But, above all, the reason seems to be that “nation-building” has, at least until recently, not been part of the story about Hong Kong.

[Media] Allan Cho interviewed on the importance of the SCMP historical archive

April 11, 2017

UBC Library is the first institution in Canada to provide access to the South China Morning Post’s digital archives to its users. First published in 1903, the English-language newspaper is a premier publication known for its authoritative, influential and independent reporting on all of Asia.

[Faculty] Raymond Pai makes another splash in “Anything Goes”

April 9, 2017

Starring Cantonese lecturer Raymond Pai, "Anything Goes" is playing at the Royal City Musical Theatre until April 23rd.

[CFP] 17th Annual Research Postgraduate Conference at HKU

April 7, 2017

This annual multidisciplinary Conference provides a valuable platform for all research postgraduate students in social science disciplines for cross-disciplinary and international research interaction. It provides an opportunity for PhDs to network with others working in their area and to visit one of the great Universities in Asia. **Abstract due: 21 April 2017**

[CFP] Understanding and Misunderstanding between the Far East and the West

April 4, 2017

Call for Papers: "Understanding and Misunderstanding between the Far East and the West: Conference on East Asian studies in Remembrance of 210th Anniversary of Dr. Rev. Robert Morrison's Arrival at China" (Abstract due: 1 May 2017)

[Students] Info sessions for post-graduation work permit

March 28, 2017

Are you graduating and planning to look for a job in Canada? Do you want to know about government regulations on post-graduation work permits? On Mar 28 and 29 International House is hosting a post-graduation work permit info session with resources and tips related to post-graduation employment.

[Courses] Cantonese and dim sum—the ultimate combo

March 28, 2017

Students and teachers of UBC's Cantonese classes went for an end-of-year dim sum outing.