[Media] Vancouver university begins Cantonese courses amid fears the language is being lost to Putonghua [SCMP]

September 17, 2015

With Putonghua increasingly dominant in Chinese language classes worldwide, news that the University of British Columbia will introduce Cantonese courses has caused a stir.

[Media] Canadian university adds Cantonese course amid fears over its decline in Hong Kong [Hong Kong Free Press]

August 19, 2015

At a time when many in Hong Kong are worrying about the decline of Cantonese in classrooms, the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada has announced plans to roll out a course in Cantonese for the first time this fall.

[Media] Long live Cantopop [The Economist]

August 14, 2015

When the University of British Columbia (UBC) resumes classes in September it will for the first time offer a course for credit in Cantonese.

[Courses] Cantonese language courses announced!

May 29, 2015

The Department of Asian Studies is thrilled to offer Canada’s first for credit university Cantonese Language program. Thanks to a generous donation by brothers Alex and Chi Shum Watt, we will be offering 2 sections of beginner level courses during the 2015/16 school year and then both beginner and intermediate level courses beginning the following year in 2016/17.

[Webcast] Cantonese Worlds Workshop (2015)

May 16, 2015

Cantonese Worlds is a two-day workshop that aims to begin an important conversation about how to make sense of the transformations of the last 50 years. In gathering leading scholars and observers to lay out an initial set of workshop themes for discussion, this pilot process will help create guiding questions that will shape the next few years of research, outreach, and public education.

[Media] Ross King interviewed on CBC Radio on the future of Cantonese studies at UBC

January 4, 2015

On January 3rd Dr. Ross King, Head of the Department of Asian Studies, was invited to CBC radio to discuss the Cantonese language and the University’s plans for the future program.

[Dialogues] Landmarks in the Construction of Hong Kong’s Identity

December 1, 2014

St. John’s College’s Justice Dialogues Committee organizes monthly sessions (i.e. dialogues) for members of St. John’s College and students at UBC to discuss issues related to social justice and international affairs. On November 25, SJC hosted guest speaker Prof. Leo Shin to speak about the topic “Landmarks in the Construction of Hong Kong’s Identity.”

[Webcast] Youth, Pop Culture and Media, and Not Speaking Cantonese

October 16, 2014

Forum Series for the Hong Kong Canada Crosscurrents Project (2014-2019) Featuring: The Honourable Dr. Vivienne Poy Dr. Leo K. Shin (UBC History and Asian Studies)| Dr. Helen Leung (SFU Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies)| Dr. Henry Yu (UBC History) Thursday, October 2, 2014 (3:00-5:00 p.m.) St. John’s College at the University of British Columbia 2111 […]

[Gifts] Donation to support Cantonese Studies at UBC announced!

October 3, 2013

Last night at the 2013 Yip So Man Wat Memorial Lecture, Gage Averill, Dean of Arts, announced a $2,000,000 donation to sponsor the development of a Cantonese Studies program at UBC.

[Webcast] Literary Adaptation and Cultural Negotiation in Hong Kong Cinema of the 1950s

October 7, 2011

Professor Leung Ping-kwan 梁秉鈞 (pen name: Ye Si 也斯) is a highly prolific poet, novelist, cultural critic, and multimedia artist. Dr. Leung is Chair Professor of Comparative Literature, Lingnan University in Hong Kong. His recent research on the film culture of Hong Kong in the 1950s formed the basis of this year's Wat Lecture.