[Courses] Winter 2017 courses announced!

UBC is pleased to be offering a slate of Hong Kong-related courses in Winter 2017. Check them out!

Cantonese Language

Winter 2018

CNTO301 Basic Cantonese I Sections

Elementary level (part I) course in Cantonese for non-heritage learners with no prior exposure to or background in Cantonese. Focus on training for basic listening and conversational skills in Cantonese. Heritage speakers of Mandarin are NOT eligible.

CNTO303 Basic Cantonese II Sections

Elementary level (part II) Cantonese for non-heritage learners. Continuation of CNTO 301. Focus on training for basic listening, conversational, and reading skills.

CNTO311 Basic Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers Sections

Basic oral and presentation skills in Cantonese. This is an accelerated course that covers content and topics similar to CNTO 301 and CNTO 303, but is structured specifically for heritage speakers of Mandarin.

CNTO401 Intermediate Cantonese I Sections

Intermediate lower level (part I) Cantonese for non-heritage learners.

CNTO451 Advanced Cantonese through Popular Culture Sections

Popular culture in Hong Kong from media such as television, cinema, popular music, literature, social media, etc., through advanced authentic Cantonese listening and reading materials. Open to non-heritage and heritage speakers of Mandarin and/or Cantonese.

Literature of Hong Kong

Winter 2018

ASIA324 Literature of Hong Kong Sections

A survey of the literature of Hong Kong, from classical times to the present. Important periods in literary history (imperial, colonial, post-colonial), major authors (locals, visitors, and writers elsewhere), and important genres, including poetry, essays, and fiction.

Hong Kong Cinema

Winter 2018

ASIA325 Hong Kong Cinema Sections

A survey of the cinema of Hong Kong from the post-war period to the present. The influence of Hong Kong on global cinema, and the forces (artists, studios, audiences, etc.) that have given rise to filmmaking styles and genres perceived as "distinctively Hong Kong."

History of Hong Kong

Winter 2018

HIST373 History of Hong Kong Sections

History, culture, and identities of Hong Kong from the early 1800s to the present.