Calligraphy by Mr. Yim Tse (1936–2018)

Mr. Yim Tse (September 12, 1936–March 16, 2018) was a Hong Kong native who served as UBC’s Chinese Librarian for three decades. Mr. Tse attended UBC and the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. He was a student assistant and a library assistant with the Asian Library before, in 1968, taking on the position of Chinese Librarian—a post he held until his retirement in 1999.

Mr. Yim Tse was a curator, a writer, a translator, and a master calligrapher. Over the years he curated ten collaborative and four solo Chinese calligraphy exhibitions in North America and Asia. As a beloved member of the community, Mr. Tse built cultural bridges throughout his life with translation, essay writing, and calligraphy. Many of his works of ink and brush calligraphy were shown in exhibitions and collected by the Canadian Museum of History, UBC, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, International Buddhist Temple in Richmond, BC, and Nankai University in Tianjin, China.

謝琰先生 (1936.09.12–2018.03.16),出生於香港,擔任卑詩大學( University of British Columbia)亞洲圖書館中文館員三十年。謝先生從卑詩大學畢業後,赴蘇格蘭斯特拉斯克萊德大學(University of Strathclyde)攻讀圖書館學。他之前就曾作為學生助理和圖書館助理參與UBC亞洲圖書館工作,1968年起正式擔任中文館員,直至1999年退休。

謝琰先生同時還是一位策展人、作家、翻譯及書法大師。這些年來,他在北美和亞洲策劃了十次合作展,四次中國書法個展。作為我們之中深受愛戴的一員,謝琰先生以其一生之中的翻譯、文章寫作和書法,建立起文化溝通的橋梁。其諸多書法作品多次在各地展出及收藏,包括加拿大曆史博物館、UBC、維多利亞美術館、國際佛教觀音寺(Richmond, BC)、南開大學(中國天津)等等。


Photo credit: Leo K. Shin