Recent Publications

Congratulations to HKSI Emeritus Associate Dr. David Ley on the publication of his latest book, which examines the housing markets in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Vancouver, and London.

Check out Prof. Josephine Chiu-Duke's book In Search of Liberty: Lin Yusheng’s Life and Thought

Check out Dr. Helena Wu's book chapter “Revisiting Hong Kong’s Myth of Success: Alternating Utopian and Dystopian Forces in the (New) Lion Rock Spirit”

Check out Dr. Helena Wu's journal article "The making of the citizen-spectator in postmillennial Hong Kong: Authorial and spectatorial engagement with independent documentary films"

Check out Dr. Helena Wu's review on the translation of Dung Kai-cheung's A Catalog of Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On by Bonnie S. McDougall & Anders Hansson

Check out Dr. Helena Wu's chapter “Shangshan ruoshui / seung sin yeuk seui / excel like water: Media Dynamics and Multiple Realities” in the book Concepts: A Travelogue

Check out Dr. Yan's co-authored work in Journal of International Migration and Integration.

Check out Dr. Shin's article published in ThinkChina.

Dr. Helena Wu spoke in the Academic Online series "Digital Harassment Across Asias", as part of the Digital Dialogue of the Association of Asian Studies (AAS), on 16 February 2022