[Media] Speaker Dr. Leonard Chan on the importance of Hong Kong literature

March 8, 2018

Visitor Prof. Leonard Kwok Kou Chan 陳國球 of the Education University of Hong Kong interviewed on the importance of Hong Kong literature.

[Media] HKSI Associate Raymond Pai on the first UBC Cantonese singing contest

March 8, 2018

HKSI Associate and Cantonese-language lecturer Raymond Pai was interviewed along with fellow organizer Nataley Li on the upcoming Cantonese singing contest at UBC.

[Webcast] Always Liminal, Always in Transition: Reading Hong Kong as Staircase City

February 16, 2018

For friends who might have missed this fascinating seminar by Dr. Louis Lo, here are the webcast (alternate site) and photo album.

[CFA] Swire Scholarships at St Antony’s College

February 14, 2018

// The scholarships are open to applicants who are permanent residents of Japan, China or Hong Kong and have completed the majority of their formal education in their country of permanent residency. //

[Webcast] New Era, New Approach? China’s Policy Towards East Asia After the 19th Party Congress

February 9, 2018

For friends who might have missed this wonderfully erudite lecture by Prof. Steve Tsang, here are the webcast and photo album.

[CFA] Liu Xiaobo Fellowship

February 6, 2018

Opportunities for students (must be U.S. citizens) interested in issues related to human rights, the rule of law, and governance in China.

[CFP] Between & Beyond: Transnational Networks & the British Empire, ca. 18th–20th Centuries

January 26, 2018

This workshop intends to bring together research scholars of history and affiliated fields working on transnational networks fostered through the British Empire. We wish to focus on how certain forms of the ‘empire’, the ‘colony’, and the ‘outside’ mutually constituted each other. Such an approach, we believe, could illumine the dense transnational convergences that shape the political, the economic, the social, and the cultural in various locations simultaneously. ** 20 February 2018 **

[CFA] Arts Internship Program

January 25, 2018

The Arts Internship Program (AIP) integrates academic learning with the development of professional skills through part-time, unpaid positions supporting non-profit organizations in Vancouver and the lower-mainland. Internships offer meaningful workplace experiences to undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts. **deadline: 13 February 2018**

[Opportunities] Information session for the Schwarzman Scholars program

January 22, 2018

// Schwarzman Scholars is a highly-selective, fully-funded international scholarship program designed to prepare future leaders in a world where China plays an ever-increasing global role. //

[CFA] Hong Kong Studies Visiting Doctoral Students Programme

January 18, 2018

To build a trans-regional Hong Kong Studies Research Community, The Academy of Hong Kong Studies will offer non-local PhD students the opportunity to conduct visiting research in Hong Kong every summer.