[Media] HKSI Convenor Dr. Helena Wu shares the highlights of the special exhibition of Leslie Cheung

March 25, 2023

[Media] HKSI Convenor Dr. Helena Wu introduces the Leslie Cheung exhibit at UBC Asian Library

March 25, 2023

[Photos] Hong Kong Takes Flight: Commercial Aviation and the Making of a Global Hub

March 22, 2023

For those who might have missed this talk, here are the photos. Details:

[Media] HKSI Associate Dr. Henry Yu comments on foreign interference and anti-Asian sentiment

March 21, 2023

[Media] The special exhibition “Leslie Cheung 張國榮: Hong Kong Icon (1956-2003)” attracts media and fans attention

March 9, 2023

[Screening+Exhibition] Rouge (4K Restoration) + Leslie Cheung—Hong Kong Icon

March 4, 2023

Join us for the screening of the 4K digital restoration of Rouge, an iconic masterpiece of Hong Kong cinema, and a special exhibition of megastar Leslie Cheung who resided in Vancouver from 1990 to 1992

[Newsletters] The HKSI 2023 March Update is out!

March 2, 2023

[Media] HKSI Associate Dr. Su-Ann Yeo talks about remembering Leslie Cheung 20 years after his death

February 28, 2023

[News] The exhibition “Leslie Cheung 張國榮: Hong Kong Icon (1956-2003)”– co-presented by UBC Asian Library and the Department of Asian Studies, and supported by UBC Hong Kong Studies Initiative and the Department of Theatre and Film–takes place at the Asian Library runs from 16 Feb to 6 April, 2023.

February 16, 2023

[Newsletters] The HKSI 2023 February Update is out!

February 7, 2023