ASIA 324 (21W): “Hope or Despair”


ASIA 324 Literature of Hong Kong – Creative Project

“Hope or Despair”: A Board Game Inspired by Wong Bik-Wan’s “Losing the City”

By Bianca Fong, Victoria Ko, and Bruce Yao



“Our creative project focuses on the character Chan Lo Yuen and his family’s journey as told in Wong Bik-Wan’s ‘Losing the City’ […] Our game is specifically tailored for two players, Mei and Chan Lo Yuen, who both begin on the ‘START’ tile. To win the game, the players must race to get to the end. However, challenges are presented with obstacles along the way, which hinder the players’ progress. […] The medium of the board game was chosen precisely to provide the player with a sense of the emotions felt by Chan Lo Yuen and his family. It is frustrating to win, and the players constantly feel a sense of helplessness as they are moved around by the squares themselves. We wanted to represent the frustrating and depressing nature of the story.” — Project Rationale