ASIA 324 (21W): Love in a Fallen City & From the Ashes 


ASIA 324: Literature of Hong Kong – Creative Project

Creative Diary Entries Inspired by Eileen Chang’s Love in a Fallen City and “From the Ashes” 

By Brandon Fung, Simin Lin, and Deirdre Tam



“We chose the medium of a diary entry because we wanted to place the wartime world in the context and perspective of the passersby in the stories of Love in a Fallen City and From the Ashes. […] Every person the characters encounter in a story is a whole person with their own background and experiences, we thought it would be interesting to build stories where they are the main character and Bai Liusu and Eileen Chang are passersby in their lives instead. […] By envisioning what life was like for different minor characters in the two literary works, we hope to show what living with the war was like for people from different walks of life.” – Project Rationale