ASIA 324 (21W): “One City, Two Visions”


ASIA 324 Literature of Hong Kong – Creative Project

“One City, Two Visions”: A Two-Part Poster Inspired by Cecil Clementi’s “Hong Kong” and Leung Ping-Kwan’s “In Response to Cecil Clementi” 

By Peter Chung, Ashley Kam, Rica Lau, and Xingyu Zhou



“Our creative project, ‘One City, Two Visions,’ is a two-part poster that illustrates two visions of Hong Kong that correspond with the contrasting perspectives of home between the British and local Hong Kongers. The cool-toned nature-based illustration shows Hong Kong in 1925, according to the focalizer, Sir Cecil Clementi in the poem ‘Hong Kong’ (1925). The other more smoggy and industrial illustration represents Hong Kong in 1997, according to the focalizer, Leung Ping-Kwan in the poem ‘In Response to Cecil Clementi’ (1997).” – Project Rationale