ASIA 324 (21W): The Atlas


ASIA 324 Literature of Hong Kong – Creative Project

A Short Film Inspired by Dung Kai-Cheung’s The Atlas: Archaeology of an Imaginary City

By Denise Ong, Marisa So, and Michael Tsang

“Our creative project is a film adaptation of Dung Kai Cheung’s novel,The Atlas: The Archeology of an Imaginary City (1997). […] Instead of having a fictional future archeologist looking back at the fallen V-city just like inThe Atlas, our story is set in the University of British Columbia (UBC) Vancouver campus where a UBC postgraduate archaeology student is looking back at what UBC was like in the past from the present in 2022. […] Just like how Dung likes to add fictional elements to real places, streets, and names, we did the same when telling a story about the Nest and Buchanan Building, as well as creating a ‘Cherry Blossom Street’’ that does not exist based on a real location on UBC campus.” — Project Rationale