ASIA 324 (21W): “VI. Drought”


ASIA 324 Literature of Hong Kong – Creative Project

VI. Drought”: A Short Story Inspired by Xixi’s “Marvels of a Floating City”

By Bernie Leung and Nicole Ng


“For our creative project, we chose to expand on what Hong Kong was facing in the 1970s and 1980s and write our own chapter. We chose this method since we believe we can best analyse and interpret Xixi’s ‘Marvels of a Floating City’ by using her style of writing. […] Our chapter focuses on the characteristics of severe droughts and water shortage. […] We incorporated one of Rene Magritte’s paintings titled “Collective Invention,” which features a human with a fish head and body, so that readers can interpret our story with the painting. Through this characteristic, we are able to challenge the identity of the city and show different perspectives and feelings of people living in Hong Kong.” — Project Rationale