ASIA324 (22W): “The Archeology of an Imaginary UBC”


ASIA324 Literature of Hong Kong – Creative Project

Atlas: The Archeology of an Imaginary UBC

A Creative Response to Dung Kai Cheung’s Atlas

By Melanie Kuo, Winnie Le, Sarah Lim, Jesper Makalintal, and Emily Ng



“Our project is inspired by Dung Kai-Cheung’s Atlas: The Archaeology of an Imaginary City. Through mapping and creating stories with a mix of historical and fictional narratives, Dung generated a version of Hong Kong that transcended historical anecdotes and present time.

The overall objective of our project was to echo the themes of this work to UBC sites. As such, our choice of medium was a collection of fictional short stories.

These short stories were hyperlinked to a map of UBC created through Google Slides to mimic an actual atlas with interactive features. Since our research question was examining how a ‘sense of place’ is constructed, we felt that a combination of short stories with an interactive map perfectly contextualizes how places are ultimately created through a myriad of different spaces.” — Project Rationale