ASIA324 (22W): “Urban Identity in Flux”


ASIA324 Literature of Hong Kong – Creative Project

Urban Identity in Flux: Exploring Hong Kong’s Unique Experience Inspired by Xi Xi’s Marvels of a Floating City

By Carman Cheung, Brandi (Nga) Laine, Sabrina Luk, Natalie Mak, Nicole Tsang



“In the same way that Xi Xi did, we decided to create a flipbook to showcase our recreated artwork. We wanted to tell her story in a modern way while also keeping Xi Xi’s messages authentic. A flipbook featuring various interpretive recreated artwork from each of us inspired by the original images in Xi Xi’s Marvels of a Floating City. Flipbooks provide a unique and creative way to present our content, enhance presentations, and capture the attention of our audience. Furthermore, we used a variety of visual mediums such as photographs, digital media, and film photography to showcase our own characteristics and original interpretation of the text, allowing readers to have a better visual experience while also expanding the readers’ imagination and resonance to question their urban experience and cultural identity in Hong Kong through the series of imaginative artwork.

We recreated the original pieces from a modern perspective. The modern depiction of Xi Xi’s work could help us reflect on the history of Hong Kong and how it echoed the present society. We wanted to showcase our home through creative means by utilizing the visual elements through drawing, photoshop, film photos and digital media.” — Project Rationale