[Awards] HKSI Convenor Dr. Helena Wu has been named Canada Research Chair in Hong Kong Studies




HKSI Convenor Dr. Helena Wu has been named Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Hong Kong Studies. She is among the four researchers in the Faculty of Arts at UBC who have been named new Canada Research Chairs this year in recognition of excellence in their respective fields of study.


The Canada Research Chairs Program enables Canadian universities to achieve the highest levels of research excellence and become world-class research centres. Chairholders improve our depth of knowledge and quality of life, strengthen Canada’s international competitiveness, and help train the next generation of highly skilled people through student supervision, teaching and the coordination of other researchers’ work.


Dr. Helena Wu’s Canada Research Chair program in Hong Kong Studies is committed to fostering interdisciplinary engagement; offering critical reflections on history, identity, and diaspora; and respecting differences, diversity, and subaltern voices through the study of Hong Kong culture and society as well as Hong Kong-Canada relationship. Her research program examines the making of a “citizen-spectatorship” through community screenings, sports viewership, and fan culture. Drawing on cultural studies approach, communicative research and digital humanities methods, she examines the sociocultural impacts and the transborder implications of film, television, and sports spectatorship as alternative modes of cultural dissemination with regards to identity and community-building strategies in local and translocal contexts.


View Dr. Wu’s Canada Research Chair profile here.