[Book Launch & Talk] 《我城存歿》: 新書發佈及座談會

Book Launch & Talk
Tuesday, 27 December 2022, 14:00–16:00 PST
《我城存歿》: 新書發佈及座談會
Dr. Chan-Fai Cheung 張燦輝
Room 124, UBC School of Social Work
2080 West Mall, Vancouver, BC V6R 1Z2

The talk will take place in person and will be conducted in Cantonese.
No registration required.

在暴政之下如何思索自由的意義?張燦輝教授在《我城存歿》探討在這個劇變社會中的存在問題,並引導讀者深入理解和反思各種現象,成為有能力獨立思考、找尋真相、抵抗不公義的自由人。他多次閘釋哈維爾的 「活在真實裡」,人必須不斷克服虛偽的誘惑與強權帶來的恐懼。或許,堅持良知正是「我城存歿」的關鍵與希望之所在。

Dr. Chan-Fai Cheung obtained his BA and MPhil degrees from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and his Dr. phil. from Freiburg University in Germany. His research interests include death and happiness, phenomenology, the philosophy of love, theories of General Education and so forth. Before Dr. Cheung retired from CUHK in 2012, he was a Professor and the former Chairman of the Department of Philosophy, and Director of University General Education. Dr. Cheung is also a prolific author.


This talk is co-organized by the UBC Hong Kong Studies Initiative, School of Social Work, and Vancouver Hong Kong Forum Society.