[Screenings] Creative Visions: Hong Kong Cinema 1997–2017

Creative Visions: Hong Kong Cinema 1997-2017, JUNE 1-23


6:30pm – Reception with refreshments
7:30pm – Echoes of a Rainbow | Introduced by Hong Kong filmmakers Alex Law and Mabel Cheung

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region (HKSAR). To celebrate, the HKSAR Government takes great pleasure in presenting a number of specially curated film programs on Hong Kong cinema in 10 cities across Europe, North America, and South Korea, in addition to four cities in Mainland China and in Hong Kong. For us, it is a timely occasion for introspection.

Indeed, such programming is particularly significant as the past two decades have seen major changes in Hong Kong cinema, brought about by digital evolution and related technological advancement, regional financial shifts and market changes, and by a new generation of young Hong Kong filmmakers and audiences exploring the boundaries of cinema.

If pre-1997 Hong Kong cinema excelled in its genre diversity and auteur elements wrapped in easily approachable and exportable commercialism, then post-1997 Hong Kong cinema has built on its past legacies with an increasingly personal style of filmmaking by established talents from the 1980s and early 1990s. Added to them is an entourage of fresh talents emerging from the new millennium to rework or subvert the older traditions, in Hong Kong and in Mainland China. For Hong Kong cinema, two generations of filmmakers are converging and expanding in creativity in 2017.

Against such background, we present Creative Visions: Hong Kong Cinema 1997-2017. Our heartfelt thanks go to the various film organizations in the featured cities for hosting the film programs, our Hong Kong Economic and Trade Offices, and the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society for its tremendous efforts as project manager in making these film programs a reality.

We wish audiences a wonderful time.

Jerry Liu
Head of Create Hong Kong

Creative Visions: Hong Kong Cinema 1997-2017 is an accredited event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).
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Current Showings

DIRECTOR IN PERSON | Writer-director Alex Law reinvented his own childhood experiences for this love letter to Hong Kong of the 1960s.
35mm PRINT | One-man band Stephen Chow co-wrote, produced, directed, and starred in this spectacularly madcap, box-office behemoth.
Fruit Chan’s no-budget masterpiece is a true independent film that channels the rebellious, resilient spirit of its namesake city.
35mm PRINT | Prolific Hong Kong auteur Fruit Chan delivers a gourmet helping of horror with this stomach-turning satire.
The poetry of everyday life is observed in New Wave stalwart Ann Hui’s artful film about a widow and her son living in a Tin Shui Wai housing estate.
The simple story of a family servant is raised to remarkable heights by its rich cultural detail and Ann Hui’s perceptive, low-key direction.
Philip Yung’s genre-bender, evocatively lensed by Christopher Doyle, is an atmospheric mosaic of complicated, chaotic human lives and actions.

High Noon

DIRECTOR IN PERSON | Heiward Mak’s harrowing and provocative directorial debut spins a web of vignettes around seven high school students.