[Roundtable] National Security (Law) in Hong Kong: An Assessment

[Updated 11 June 2020: For those who might have missed this roundtable, here is the webcast.]

Wednesday, 10 June 2020, 19:00 (Pacific Daylight Time)
National Security (Law) in Hong Kong: An Assessment
via Zoom

A City in Protest event
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Albert Hung-yee Chen, University of Hong Kong
Wilson Leung, Temple Chambers
Jie Cheng, University of British Columbia
Pitman Potter, University of British Columbia

The decision by the National People’s Congress to introduce a national security law in Hong Kong has generated strong reactions both within the special administrative region and far beyond. Why is the proposed law deemed necessary by some but viewed with deep concerns by others? How would the proposed law affect the ways of life of the people in Hong Kong? And how would the proposed law reconfigure Hong Kong’s long-standing status as an international hub? Finally, what implications does the introduction of the proposed law have for countries such as Canada?

This roundtable is sponsored by the Hong Kong Studies Initiative, the Department of Asian Studies, the Centre for Asian Legal Studies, and the Centre for Chinese Research of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

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