[Screening] 1967 (Re-run) / 回溯重構:《1967》

[Updated 7 July 2019: For those who might have missed the screening and the conversation with Director Wu Hoi-fai, here are the photo album and a brief recap of the visit.]

Pants Theatre Production Presents. . . .
Friday, 31 May 2019, 6:30 pm (door opens @ 6:15 pm)
1967 (Re-run) / 回溯重構:《1967》
Aquatic Ecosystems Research Lab 120, UBC
2202 Main Mall, Vancouver

Screening of stage production (145 mins.); in Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

Q&A with the director to follow
Free and open to the public

Registration required

In May 1967, riots broke out in the city of Hong Kong. For six months, the British colony was engulfed in massive strikes and demonstrations, whose impacts were exacerbated by the widespread deployment of homemade bombs. An original documentary theatre performance (first produced in 2014), 1967 draws on interviews, news clippings, and other documents to offer a multi-faceted reconstruction of this watershed moment in the history of Hong Kong.



Pants Theatre Production (pants.org.hk) is a Hong Kong-based theatre company that has been supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. The company focuses on theatre works that are centered on society and the community, and it treats theatre production, applied theatre, and research and preservation as its three main pillars. In recent years, the company has advocated for what is known as “documentary theatre” and has aimed to transform valuable materials into exciting and imaginative theatrical works.


This screening/conversation is organized by the UBC Hong Kong Studies Initiative and co-presented by: UBC Cantonese Language Program, Department of Asian Studies, Department of History, Department of Language and Literacy Education, Department of Theatre and Film, Centre for Chinese Research, and Interdisciplinary Histories Cluster.

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「回顧當年『反英抗暴』的香港左派暴動,很有意義⋯⋯用心搜集資料,訪問過來人,材料豐富真實,而且態度客觀⋯⋯《1967》值得重演。」﹣劇評人 – 石琪

「《1967》輻射出強烈的戲劇張力,兩個多小時的演出裡,緊扣著觀眾心弦。七位演員一人分飾數角,以自述、獨白、讀報、廣播等形式交代事件經過,不單以多元角度敘述、組合歷史片斷,更把立場迥異的個人、以及團體之觀點呈現出來,讓觀眾能對 67 事件有更全面的認識。《1967》導演讓各方說明立場,不作廉價煽情,演員演出專業,不對人物刻板醜化。這種尊重事實的公正態度,是藝術家良知的表現,在現今只講表態的社會氣氛中尤覺可貴。」﹣香港城市大學講師 – 楊宏通

“Very, very impressed by 1967. It tells the story beautifully—the visual images strengthen the verbatim and never distract. The actors are wonderful and the whole production is a major achievement.” — Nicolas Kent, award-winning director of documentary theatre

Registration for: 1967 (Re-run) / 回溯重構:《1967》

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