[Screening + Conversation] Far Far Away 緣路山旮旯

Screening + Conversation
Far Far Away 緣路山旮旯
Tuesday, 25 October 2022, 18:00-20:30 PDT
Place of Many Trees or xʷθəθiqətəm, Liu Institute for Global Issues, University of British Columbia

Free and open to all.
This in person film screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Amos Why 黃浩然.

A City Rebegins event.
Limited seats available. Registration required.

About the film:
Hong Kong | 2021 | 96 mins. | Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles | Cast: Kaki Sham, Cecilia So, Crystal Cheung, Rachel Leung, Hanna Chan, Jennifer Yu

A 28-year-old IT geek, Hau, is a mediocre but warm-hearted introvert, who suddenly finds himself the object of affection for five attractive women within the same year. The quintet share virtually no similar traits except one quirky thing: they all live in remote corners of Hong Kong. Seeing our heartthrob’s struggles in getting there’s half the fun, though; all that travelling allows director Amos Why to offer his audience a chance to see and appreciate parts of the city they rarely get to experience.

★ 2021 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
★ 2022 Osaka Asian Film Festival
★ 2022  Singapore Chinese Film Festival
★ 2022 Far East Film Festival
★ 2022 New York Asian Film Festival
★ 2022 Golden Horse Awards – Nomination for Best Supporting Actress (Jennifer Yu)

Watch the trailer here.

About the director:
A Hong Kong native and writing for printing media since aged 17, Amos Why 黃浩然 is a Film/TV graduate of HKAPA and held postgraduate qualification in Multimedia, Psychology and Sports. He has been a writer-director for Radio Television Hong Kong’s commissioning documentaries and single episode TV drama since 2001, and he has been awarded 10 production contracts for 22-minute TV dramas and documentaries by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) between 2002 and 2016. Amos Why directed his first feature film ‘Dot 2 Dot’ in 2014, which has been recognized as the film of merit by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards in 2015. Amos Why also worked as a Senior Lecturer at the Open University of Hong Kong from 2014 – 2020, while completing his second feature ‘Napping Kid’ in 2018. His third feature film, ‘Far Far Away’ was selected as the Closing Film of the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival in 2021.


緣路山旮旯 (黃浩然, 2021)

香港 | 2021 | 96’ | 粵語對白 | 中英文字幕 | 演員:岑珈其、蘇麗珊、張紋嘉、梁雍婷、陳漢娜、余香凝

阿厚,年廿八,屬 IT,樣貌「毒」突,一直謹守單身崗位至今只失守一次。但「緣」來今年科技暢旺,一年四季可開五次,只不過,阿厚的桃花,開在「山旮旯」。五段戀情分別橫跨離島大西北,每次路程可來回台北幾次,真係在香港都可以享受遠距離戀愛。究竟這三百六十五天的環港遊,能否為阿厚帶來一份「緣」滿的愛情?導演黃浩然延續《點對點》地理式戀愛,找來更多的年輕創作人參與,透過這部輕鬆童話式愛情喜劇,帶大家遊走香港每一個角落,發現和感受香港的可愛之處,把這片土地的美好永恆鎖在電影世界。就算我們分隔多遠,只要願意,也能連在一起。

★ 2021 香港亞洲電影節
★ 2022 大阪亞洲電影節
★ 2022 新加坡華語電影節
★ 2022 意大利烏甸尼遠東電影節
★ 2022 紐約亞洲電影節
★ 2022 金馬獎 – 最佳女配角提名 (余香凝)


This screening+conversation is organized by the UBC Hong Kong Studies Initiative in partnership with Golden Scene Co. Ltd; and is generously co-sponsored by: Department of Asian Studies, Department of History, Centre for Chinese Research, Department of Theatre and Film, Public Humanities Hub, and the School of Social Work.


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