EVENT POSTPONED – [Screening + Conversation] Keep Rolling 動態Rolling: Four Directors, Four Stories About Hong Kong under the Pandemic

[Special Announcement on Dec 2]

EVENT POSTPONED due to weather condition. Rearrangement will be announced soon.

Thank you for your understanding! Please continue to support Hong Kong indie filmmakers.

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Screening + Conversation
Keep Rolling 動態Rolling:
Four Directors, Four Stories about Hong Kong under the Pandemic

Friday, 2 December 2022, 18:00-20:30 PT – POSTPONED – NEW EVENT DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED
Place of Many Trees or xʷθəθiqətəm
Liu Institute for Global Issues, 6476 NW Marine Drive, UBC

A City Rebegins Event
Limited seats available. Registration required.

About the film:

Hong Kong | 2022 | 108 min | In Cantonese, English, Minnan with Chinese & English subtitles
Directors: Lo Yan Chi; Chow King Kan Kingston; Yiu Man Kwan Jason; Kwok Chung Yee Erica

In the age of pandemic, everything seems to be frozen. In fact, there are still many things that we can do. The short film project Keep Rolling captures alienation and sorrow through four short films.

In “Same Boat” (directed by Lo Yan Chi), Yin’s grandma has not returned to Xiamen for two years since the pandemic and Yin has to take care of her at home every day. They share each other sentiments as if sitting on the same boat.

“Rubbish Ban” (directed by Chow King Kan Kingston) sees a young man Genius dumped by his girlfriend because of a piece of garbage. His boss also told him to throw a cardboard box but he barely found any trash cans. Only then did he realize that the trash cans that used to be everywhere had totally disappeared. Is Hong Kong, which can’t even hold a trash can, still the city that we used to be familiar with?

In “A Letter from Prison” (directed by Yiu Man Kwan Jason), film director James planned to write letters to Man to support him through his hard time in prison, Although he was outside the wall, the freedom of his mind was also bound by invisible shackles. This made him question if the world is just another prison.

“April’s Interlude” (directed by Kwok Chung Yee Erica) tells a story of a cosmetologist Shan under lockdown during the pandemic. An old friend suddenly appeared, filling Shan’s feeling of loneliness; however, after learning about each other’s life, Shan felt that the friend who returned after leaving Hong Kong had an incomprehensible detachment from what happened in Hong Kong in the past few years. In the end, Shan made a choice in the struggle between emotion and reason.

Watch the trailer here.

香港 | 2022 | 108分鐘 | 粵語、英語、閩南語對白,中英文字幕
導演: 羅恩賜、周敬勤、姚敏堃、郭頌儀

疫情時代下所有事物仿佛都定格,其實可做之事仍然不少,一於動態Rolling,用電影述說時下的疏離與憂愁。《同渡》自疫情後,婆婆已兩年沒回廈門,阿燕每天都要在家照顧婆婆,兩人朝夕相對,彷彿同坐一條船,在湧動的風浪中分享著各種或正或負的情緒。《阿才》阿才因一件垃圾而被分手,又因老板交托處理的一件垃圾而被折磨了一天,才發現曾經到處可見的垃圾桶在社會上無影無蹤。連一個垃圾桶都容不下的香港,還是曾經熟悉的香港嗎?《第一封信》導演 James的好友阿 Man 無奈入獄,他想透過書信開解困在牆內受苦的好友。然而,自己在牆外的心靈自由也被無形的枷鎖栓住,牆外牆內或許都是個困局。《四月的變奏》美容師菀珊在疫情停業期間與多年前的友人重聚,填補了菀珊無可適從的孤獨感。但在互相了解彼此早年間的生活時,珊有感兩人的經歷不同,離港後歸來的友人對香港過去幾年發生的種種有著她不能理解的抽離,最終珊在情感及理性的掙扎下作出了選擇。

Lo Yan Chi 羅恩賜

Born in 1989, Lo majored in Cultural Studies. After graduating from university, he worked in bookstore, media and non-governmental organization.


Chow King Kan Kingston 周敬勤

"There is nothing, not even a purpose. In face of confusion, shooting films might be the only way to look for the meaning of life. Injustice and unfair events are happening everyday. Many people still want to make a contribution. Let's hope vvery cloud has a silver lining."


Yiu Man Kwan Jason 姚敏堃

Born in Hong Kong, Jason likes to draw comics since childhood. He studied applied physics in college and has worked in laboratories as well as a plastic flower factory after graduation. In 2007, he studied multimedia design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and got in touch with filmmaking. His two works Childhood. Infinity and Camera Gun were finalists of the the ifva Awards in 2010. In 2019, Jason produced and filmed his first drama short Going Out, which was an official selection of the 13th Hong Kong Independent Film Festival.


Kwok Chung Yee Erica 郭頌儀

Erica Kwok is an audio-visual creator who is fond of thinking about and exploring words and images. Erica is adept at creating combinations and exchanges with various media. She often learns through trial and error in the creative process, and believes that imagination can set us free.


Vincent Chui has been working in the field of independent cinema since 1993. In 1997, he co-founded Ying E Chi with fellow independent filmmakers to promote and distribute independent films in Hong Kong. Vincent released his first feature Leaving in Sorrow in 2001. His second feature Fear of Intimacy was selected in competition in the 2004 Moscow International Film Festival. Following that, he completed three features, namely Three Narrow Gates, Love is Elsewhere and Fig. Filmed in Macau, Fig was selected in competition in the 10th China Independent Film Festival. Over the years, Vincent has produced a number of independent films, including feature films End of Love, which was selected in the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival, and Tête-Bêche, as well as documentaries Yellowing and Lost in the Fumes. Vincent is currently the Artistic Director of Ying E Chi and the curator of the Hong Kong Independent Film Festival.

崔允信九三年開始參與獨立製作,曾獲得香港獨立短片及錄像比賽獎項,九七年與其他獨立電影工作者組成影意志,宣傳及發行香港獨立製作,同年與許鞍華導演合導紀錄片“去日苦多”,於二零零一年完成其首部長片《憂憂愁愁的走了》,獲邀參加多個國際影展,之後拍攝梁家輝主演的《追蹤眼前人》, 成為了零四年台北電影節閉幕電影及莫斯科國際電影節競賽電影。其後亦完成廖啟智主演的《三條窄路》、《愛情萬歲》和在澳門拍攝的《無花果》,後者為第十屆中國獨立影像年度展競賽電影。監製過多部獨立電影,其中《愛到盡》曾入圍2009年柏林國際電影節,最近期監製了獨立劇情長片《對倒》、與及兩部紀錄長片《亂世備忘》和《地厚天高》。現為影意志藝術總監,香港獨立電影節策展人。


This screening+conversation is organized by the UBC Hong Kong Studies Initiative in partnership with Ying E Chi; and is generously co-sponsored by: Department of Asian Studies, Department of History, Centre for Chinese Research, Department of Theatre and Film, Public Humanities Hub, and the School of Social Work.


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