[Seminar] The “National Question” and the Stories of Hong Kong

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Recent debates concerning whether the people of Hong Kong constitute a “nation” or man zuk (Mandarin: min zu) have injected much heat and passion to the on-going political struggles in the former British colony. Yet, even among the political and intellectual elites, few in the territory have embraced the notion of a “Hong Kong nation.” The reasons for this are many. One has to do with the ambiguities and tensions embedded in the notion of man zuk. Another has to do with the primary identification by many in the territory with the “Chinese nation.” But, above all, the reason seems to be that “nation-building” has, at least until recently, not been part of the story about Hong Kong.

Leo K. Shin is Associate Professor of History and Asian Studies as well as Convenor of the Hong Kong Studies Initiative at the University of British Columbia.

John Wong (Commentator) is Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Cultures at the University of Hong Kong.