HIST 482 (17S): Have You Eaten Yet

A film investigating the relationships between language and identity, focussing on the intergenerational language transmission within the Chinese and Chinese-Canadian communities. The title, “Have You Eaten Yet” is inspired by a phrase repeated by countless Chinese parents, and highlights the significance of cultural upbringing in shaping identity.

Director: Russell Chiong
Cinematographers: Russell Chiong & Sophie Yuyin Sun
Editors: Russell Chiong, Sophie Yuyin Sun & Hannah Huahui Xie
Subtitles: Jasmine Lau, Tina Wai Mei Ng & Hin Wong

Created for UBC HIST 482 2017 by Russell Chiong, Jasmine Lau, Tina Wai Mei Ng, Sophie Yuyin Sun, Hin Wong & Hannah Huahui Xie.

Shot in Kaiping, Guangdong, China; Hong Kong; and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Special thanks to Professor Henry Yu, Joanna Yang, Christy Fong, and Zoe Lam from UBC; Dr. Selia Tan from Wuyi University; Mr. Haibo Tse, Mr. Jacky Tse, and Ms. Zoe Wong from Cangdong Village Project in Kaiping, China.