Josephine Chiu-Duke

Professor, Asian Studies
Former Co-Director, Centre for Chinese Research

Dr. Chiu-Duke is a specialist in Chinese intellectual history. Her publications focus on Tang Confucian revival, Tang women and the well-being of the state, and contemporary Chinese intellectual thought and action. She offers courses on traditional Chinese political thought and political institutions, and she has also been responsible for a course on the history and culture of Taiwan. Dr. Chiu-Duke is deeply interested in Hong Kong not only because it offers a prime example for understanding the complex dynamics of colonialism and post-colonialism but also, more importantly, because the territory had been the only free and open society in the Chinese-speaking world before Taiwan, the Republic of China, began its democratic transformation.

However, the imposition of the national security law since July 2020 has ended this long history, and that Hong Kongers’ basic rights and their tradition of enjoying free press under the rule of law can be made to disappear overnight is something that she believes anyone who treasures liberal values should be concerned with.

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