Laifong Leung

Former Visiting Professor, Asian Studies

Laifong Leung is Professor Emerita of the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Alberta, Edmonton, and was a visiting professor in the Department of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, where she helped launch our course ASIA 324, “Literature of Hong Kong.” She received her B.A. from the University of Calgary and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia. Her books include Liu Yong ji qici zhi yanjiu [A Study of Liu Yong and His Lyrics] 柳永及其词之研究 (1985, English and Chinese combined edition, 2020), Morning Sun: Interviews with Chinese Writers of the Lost Generation (1994, Chinese edition, Cong hongweibing dao zuojia: juexing yidai de shengyin [From Red Guard to Writer: Voices of the Awakened Generation] 从红卫兵到作家:觉醒一代的声音(1993), Contemporary Chinese Fiction Writers: Biography, Bibliography and Critical Assessment (2016), Zhongwai wenxue jiaoliushi: Zhongguo-Jianada juan [Literary Interactions between China and Foreign Countries: China–Canada Volume] 中外文学交流史:中国–加拿大卷 (2016), and Early Spring in February 早春二月: A Study Guide to the Film (2004). In 1979, she introduced Taiwan literature to Chinese Mainland readers by compiling Taiwan Xiaoshuo xuan [Selected Stories from Taiwan] 台湾小说选, Taiwan Sanwen Xuan [Selected Essays from Taiwan] 台湾散文选, and Taiwan Xinshi Xuan [Selected Poems from Taiwan] 台湾新诗选 for the People’s Literature Press. She was the initiator and co-founder of the Chinese Canadian Writers Association (1987) and currently serves as its Chair. She co-edited (with William Chan)Fengzi Chuoyue: diyijie jiahua wenxue jiang wenji [Maple in Bloom: Award Winning Poems, Essays and Stories by Chinese Canadian Writers] 枫姿绰约:第一届加华文学奖文集 (2014), and Jiahua wenxue lunwenji {Essays on Chinese Canadian Writers} 加 拿大华人文学论文集 (2019). Her collection of essays was collected in Kaihua jieguo zai haiwai: Aidemengdun sanji [Jottings from Edmonton] 开花结果在海外:爱德蒙顿散记 (2006).