Justin Cheng is an MA student in the Department of History at UBC. His research focuses on Hong Kong. In particular, he is interested in the relationships between the government and the Chinese merchants in the early twentieth-century. He hopes to delve into the relief effort of the government and the charities ran by the Chinese merchants at the time of natural disasters, such typhoons. More broadly, through the lens of relief effort, he hopes to understand the interaction between the government and the Chinese elites, hence to explore the position of the Chinese elites in Hong Kong.

A Hong Kong native, Justin received a bachelor of arts in History from the University of California, Berkeley, Justin’s undergraduate thesis is a study of the identities of Chinese merchants in Hong Kong during the Canton-Hong Kong Strike of 1925-1926. At Berkeley, Justin was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a variety of scholars in the field of Chinese studies—an experience from which he has developed his interest in an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Hong Kong’s history, culture and identity. His interest also extends to the history of premodern and modern China, Chinese diaspora, as well as that of Japan.

Besides conducting historical research, Justin is also interested in museum and archival management. He co-founded the Queen’s College History Museum, which has the distinction of being the oldest government secondary school in Hong Kong. In his spare time, he loves to play volleyball and music.

Full profile: http://www.history.ubc.ca/people/justin-chun-yin-cheng