ASIA325 (22W): Short Film Adaptation


ASIA 325 Hong Kong Cinema – Creative Project

A Creative Response to Fruit Chan’s Dumplings

By Navin Adchariyavanich, Angela Bui, Keonhwi (Dave) Kim, Scott Quan, and Yu-Hsuan (Vicky) Hsu



“We settled on a short film/animation because it expressed our ideas in a concentrated medium where we could pay homage to the film while reworking the narrative. The short film paid homage to Dumplings in various ways, as stated above, but specifically in the dumpling-eating scene. We re-enacted the scene where Mrs. Li eats the baby dumplings for the first time; by filming a short film, we could incorporate technical aspects of Dumplings while paying homage. Though not always clear, interspersed throughout the creative work are many nuances of reworkings of Dumplings and the course as a whole. The main themes in our short film are role reversal and the exploitation of desires through a (western) consumerist society.” — Project Rationale