ASIA325 (22W): Plush Animal Video


ASIA 325 Hong Kong Cinema – Creative Project

A Creative Response to Andrew Lau and Alan Mak’s Infernal Affairs

By Jessie Yuen, Nicole, Liz Chen, Nadine Guo, Elvis Wang, and Abner Zhu



“Our creative project aims to alter the depiction of the traditional gangster and crime genres by refilming Infernal Affairs from a two-hour, high-budget film with famous Hong Kong actors to a four-minute, affordably-produced movie with plush animals as the centre of the narrative. Each animal was chosen to represent the defining traits of the film’s characters; the two-mole protagonists are played by amphibians in the lizard and alligator (Ming and Yan, respectively) who work in duelling environments of the land and sea. The triad is depicted with land animals, led by the lion playing Sam, while the police force is symbolized by sea animals, with a shark playing Wong in charge. We chose this video medium because we were interested in viewing the movie with different choices of mise-en-scene while retaining the same storyline…” — Project Rationale