ASIA325 (22W): “Pig St Alley News”


ASIA 325 Hong Kong Cinema – Creative Project

“Pig St Alley News”: A Creative Response to Stephen Chow’s Kungfu Hustle

By Joey Su, Yi Le (Chloe), Hyatt Chan, and Mei Uritani



“Our objective is to retell the story of Kungfu Hustle by reconstructing the original plot to be centered around a global pandemic. The main themes we focused on are gender inequality, and the recontextualization of Pig Sty Alley under a lockdown due to the pandemic. As the internet and electronics have quickly revolutionized over the years, a transition between paper to electronic formats has become highly popularized; therefore, we decided to create an e-newspaper called the Pig St Alley News as a means to update residents and others of the current events in Pig Sty Alley. […] The design of the electronic newspaper component encompasses advertisements that tie into our plot while maintaining features that are in homage to the original plot.” — Project Rationale