ASIA325 (23W): “Award Ceremony for the Heroes of Hong Kong”


ASIA325 Hong Kong Cinema – Creative Project

“Award Ceremony for the Heroes of Hong Kong”: A Creative Response to A Better Tomorrow

By Marisa So, Kyra Tan, Mungo McLaggan, Xiangyuan Li, and Xianyi Chang


“The choice of an ‘Award Ceremony for the Heroes of Hong Kong’ as the central theme for our creative project presentation added a layer of theatricality and intrigue, capturing the essence of heroism celebrated in the film. The concept of honoring heroes in a formal setting not only pays homage to the characters in A Better Tomorrow but also invites the audience to reflect on the broader implications of heroism in real-world contexts…
The interactive voting poll for our classmates’ favorite hero further elevates the presentation by fostering active participation. This component taps into the subjective nature of heroism, allowing each class member to express their personal perspective on the characters in the film. This interactive element mirrors the nuanced exploration of heroism in A Better Tomorrow, where characters defy conventional archetypes, making the concept of a singular, universally agreed-upon hero more complex.
This voting poll resulted in an emphatic victory for Mark Lee as the most admired hero. The result is particularly significant when considering our discussion of bravery in Mark Lee’s character, with his depth of sacrifice, loyalty, and the intricate moral dilemmas he faces resonating deeply with the audience, highlighting the complex and varied aspects of heroism depicted in the film.” — Project Rationale