ASIA325 (23W): Diorama and Marginalized Spaces


ASIA325 Hong Kong Cinema – Creative Project

Diorama and Marginalized Spaces: Made in Hong Kong

By James Tran, Aadi Bhandari, Ella Li, Savannah Yhap-Jolin, and Erica Dong


“For our creative project, we decided to reinterpret four key locales depicted in Fruit Chan’s Made in Hong Kong through the use of a diorama. We have chosen to replicate “homes” of the main characters through the public housing apartments that are a common icon of Hong Kong as an urban space. At the bottom level, we have re-made Susan’s parents home. In the middle is Moon’s apartment, and above is Moon’s father’s apartment. In addition, we included stairs to our diorama to link each apartment together as we felt the use of levels was a recurring spatial representation of an alternative Hong Kong that the youth often found themselves surrounded and even trapped in at times.” — Project Rationale