ASIA325 (23W): From A Different Perspective


ASIA325 Hong Kong Cinema – Creative Project

From A Different Perspective: A Creative Response to Beyond The Dream

By Eli Dela Cruz, Melody (Fu Shan) Kou, Natalie Wong, Xin Tan, and Ada Zheng


“For our creative project on Kiwi Chow’s Beyond The Dream (2019), we created an interpretation of the final scenes between Yip Nam (Nam) and Lok. Here, we showcased the different genres of thriller, romance, drama, and psychological thriller between the scenes. Furthermore, we analysed several key filming techniques of gaze, angles, and pacing. All encompassing, we recreated a rendition in an attempt to fulfil the ambiguity missed in the original film and switch perspectives to that of Nam. […] Looking at our project from an expanded view, we wanted to show the ending from Nam’s perspective, perhaps in an unreliable POV. Chow’s ending depicted both Lok and Nam falling asleep before entering the dream. We reveal the revelation that the dream ultimately belongs to Nam. Our rendition of Beyond The Dream was meant to interpret and present an alternative ending to the original film. Switching perspectives from Lok to Nam required careful analysis of the underlying meaning between scenes and careful consideration of specific film techniques to utilise.” — Project Rationale