ASIA325 (23W): “Mo Lei Tau”


ASIA325 Hong Kong Cinema – Creative Project

“Mo Lei Tau”: A Creative Response to A Better Tomorrow

By James Deng, Zhichen Luo, Hadrian Lau, Ryan Feng, and Oliver Yan


“Unlike the original atmosphere of the scene and movie, we decided to create a comedized version of the scene with integrating humorous elements and first person perspectives into the scene. We hope to deliver a more “easy-going” atmosphere and flow for the scene, as well as reconstructing the traditional narrative style, the third person perspective within the scene. One of the very first things we added when we were recreating the scene were nonsensical and humorous elements, known as “mo lei tau.” Obviously, we took this idea from the famous Hong Kong actor and director, Stephen Chow. His style of humor provides us great insights in terms of how the direction of our creative project will go, as well as the way we act in the creative project. The introduction of “mo lei tau” into the recreation of the scene not only provides an easier atmosphere and humor, but also challenges the audiences’ expectations and perceptions of a classic fighting scene in a Hong Kong gangster movie, especially when the original scene is extremely tense and serious.” — Project Rationale