ASIA325 (23W): Storyboard and Scriptwriting


ASIA325 Hong Kong Cinema – Creative Project

Storyboard and Scriptwriting: A Creative Response to Chungking Express

By Veronica Wong, Winry Wei, and Shenru Yang


“Our creative project explores how the relationship between Faye and Cop 663 would evolve with the advancement of technologies and the changing cultural landscape experienced by the protagonist Faye, drawing inspiration from the open-ended nature of their story, which is unlike He Qiwu and the blonde-haired lady, who decided to move on to the next stage of their lives. […] Did the changes in the environment influence her relationship with 663? Does her return signify a potential “happily ever after”?
… The format of the project includes scripts and storyboards, with the written parts intended to be filmed and seamlessly integrated into the movie. The storyboard meticulously plans the storytelling process, incorporating various angles and settings to provide a tangible visualization of how the extended story could seamlessly integrate into the existing cinematic framework. This dual approach aims to enhance the overall viewing experience, creating a harmonious blend of old and new within the world of Chungking Express. Our script extension seeks to enrich the narrative by employing narratives that align with Wong Kar Wai’s style and cooperation with our own while delving into the distance and proximity elements in the movie, especially how romantic relationships are being developed in an urban setting in recent days and adding odds to the fragments presented in the movie.” — Project Rationale