Student Projects

The Basic Cantonese II (non-Mandarin heritage section) interview two generations of Chinese-Canadians about their lifestyles and cultures.

A paper by a student from MUSC 327 explains the similarities and differences between Cantonese traditional singing dialect and Korean vocal music.

A paper which explains how a Christian hymn, “How Great Thou Art” of 1886, with a melody adapted from a Swedish traditional song, became a hymn for a Cantonese community in Vancouver.  

(Intermediate lower level Cantonese for non-heritage learners) Two students from Chongqing and one from Fujian rap about their hometown.

(Intermediate lower level Cantonese for non-heritage learners) These Cantonese language students put together an impressive and thrilling science fiction on the "ear crisis".

(Basic Cantonese for non-heritage learners) Despite having English their first language, these students created a fun video using clips from High School Musical to show off their new skills in Cantonese!

(Basic Cantonese for non-heritage learners) These students recreated the cartoon Totally Spies in Cantonese, bear in mind they have formally learned Cantonese for 3 months only!

(Basic Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers) Students re-imagine a parody of TED where he is goes to UBC.

"We present a possible path to help revitalize the Vancouver Chinatown area so that space is used in a more productive way, while preserving its cultural identity and heritage."

"Food, in more ways than you expect contributes to our cultural identity as a community. The food we eat showcases our intergenerational preferences, family history as well as socioeconomic status to an extent."