Student Projects

(Intermediate lower level Cantonese for non-heritage learners) These Cantonese language students put together an impressive and thrilling science fiction on the "ear crisis".

(Basic Cantonese for non-heritage learners) Despite having English their first language, these students created a fun video using clips from High School Musical to show off their new skills in Cantonese!

(Basic Cantonese for non-heritage learners) These students recreated the cartoon Totally Spies in Cantonese, bear in mind they have formally learned Cantonese for 3 months only!

(Basic Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers) Students re-imagine a parody of TED where he is goes to UBC.

"We present a possible path to help revitalize the Vancouver Chinatown area so that space is used in a more productive way, while preserving its cultural identity and heritage."

"Food, in more ways than you expect contributes to our cultural identity as a community. The food we eat showcases our intergenerational preferences, family history as well as socioeconomic status to an extent."

"In our film project, we explore what defines intangible cultural heritage amongst the Chinese diaspora in Vancouver’s Chinatown, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia, and how museums can use intangible cultural heritage to showcase lived experiences in their exhibits."

"Through this virtual reality experience, we hopes to give people a gain greater understanding of the significance of cuisines in Chinese diaspora and how such connections links places together beyond geographic constraints."

A modified version of the newspaper column assignment submitted by Audrey Li, who was enrolled in “History of Hong Kong” (2018W).

Advanced Cantonese through Pop Culture: Hand-animated “Revelations from the Hong Kong Housing Estate.”