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This is is a 3 credit, 400-level History exchange course offered by UBC's Department of History Professor Henry Yu (Principal of St. John's College). Partnering with Shaw College at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Kaiping Village Conservation and Development project, students will have the opportunity to explore different perspectives on the history, cultures, and geographies of Cantonese migration from the "Szeyup" or "Four Counties" area of Canton (Guangdong) Province. In addition, students will explore historical, cultural, and urban landscapes in Hong Kong and Vancouver with CUHK students.

Studying Hong Kong cinema allows students to understand the global reach of a major international industry and the local expression of Hong Kong identity through visual spectacle, story, style, stars, and sound.

UBC offers the only university for credit comprehensive Cantonese language program in Canada. See below for our 2016W course offerings! 300 Level   400 Level    

This course explores the history, culture, and identities of Hong Kong from the port's pre-colonial settings in the early nineteenth century to its post-colonial contexts. Its goals are to help students develop the language and tools to understand the metamorphoses of this most unusual metropolis as well as to further their skills in historical analysis.